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    It's that time of year again to get my affairs in order and try to scratch up some extra cheddar for Awesome Fest. This year's difficulties have included getting my hours cut in half at the theatre (from 20-25 down to anywhere from 5-15 a week) AND getting my partial unemployment taken away because the theatre disputed it. Now I'm in the process of appealing ESD's decision while I continue to work for Regal and look for a new job. In other words...I'm totally broke after getting my airfare and lodging taken care of for sunny San Diego. So...desperate times call for desperate measures and I'm doing the out stuff from the 'ol record collection. It's kind of like the cycle of life; I'm getting rid of old records to make room for new ones. I'm 100% positive most of this money will be going back to bands so I can pick up their latest vinyl and shirts (fat guy XXL sizes, please). The rest will most likely end up at El Zarape for burritos and fish tacos, Sicilian Thing for pizza, and in the hard working hands of the bartenders at Soda Bar and Live Wire. I'll be updating the list periodically. I still have lots of records to add (7"'s, 10"'s, and LP's) as well as a hardshell case for an Epiphone SG and some other odds and ends. If you have any question feel free to private message me. Thanks!!!!