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Brassneck Records (UK) occasional update spam thread

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  • Brassneck Records (UK) occasional update spam thread

    I did have one of these update threads running for ages, back on the old bored but I never bothered signing up again. UK / Euro folks may want to check out some of the updates in the last year or two as a lot has been going on. But anyway, here's what's new today. More updates later incase anyone gives a damn. Cheers

    The Creeps - Eulogies LP
    Down And Outs - Forgotten Streets LP
    Gentleman Prefer Blood - Used Books And Guns LP (yellow vinyl)
    The Kimberly Steaks - To Live & Die In West Central Scotland LP
    The Manges / The Queers - Acid Beaters LP (blue vinyl)
    Plow United - S/T LP (white or black vinyl)
    Pretty Boy Thorson - Loud And Ugly LP (purple vinyl)
    Spraynard - Cut & Paste LP
    Warm Needles - Inconsolable LP (splatter vinyl)

    Baby Shakes - She's A Star 7"
    Boilerman - Doing Great 7" (clear vinyl)
    Dan Padilla (the band not the man) - No Corporate Pizza 7" (pic disc)
    Dan Padilla / Down & Outs - Split 7" (purple vinyl)
    Guerilla Poubelle / Arms Aloft – Split 7" (red vinyl)
    Iron Chic / Low Culture - Split 7"
    Iron Chic - Split N Shit 7"
    Kepi Ghoulie - Valentines Day 2015 7"
    Listen Lady - S/T 7"
    Martha - Sycamore 7" (green vinyl)
    Plow United / The Headies - Split 7" (blue or clear vinyl)
    The Shanghais - Sick Of You 7"
    Skinny Genes - Ugh 7" (colour vinyl)
    The Slow Death / The Raging Nathans - Split 7" (purple & black vinyl)
    Stay Clean Jolene / Does It Float - Split 7" (red vinyl)
    The Vapids - Punitive Damage 7"
    Vicious Pleasures - S/T 7" (blue vinyl)

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    Theeee best UK distro!