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  • The Ergs!

    You guys remember them?

    Am I crazy, or did they have a Descendents cover on a vinyl release? Did I make that up? Bikeage, Myage, one of the -age songs. I can't seem to find it online anywhere. Maybe I made it up.

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    They used to play it live all the time, but as far as I know, I don't even think a live version was ever recorded. At least I've never heard them do it, live or mp3, and I have a shit-ton of Ergs songs. I think there was talk of doing it for a Descendents tribute album at some point, but that never happened. Maybe it will show up on Hindsight is 20/20 Vol. 2: Enough Reminiscing.


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      I never knew of any recording of a Descendents cover. You might be thinking of the song "Workage" from their split with The Measure.


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        I wish there was a recording of My War with Scruff on vocals. Still a fond memory from years back.


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          Right on. Glad to be remembered fondly. It wasn't a common thing either since I don't recall seeing them cover "My War" super often. Usually when they did it was at the request of some visiting band that ended up singing it and I believe there were a few great occasions with Chris Pierce. To the best of my knowledge the only recordings of me singing any Ergs stuff are gang vocals on Digital Endpoints and Thrash Compactor and the more prominent stuff on the Ben Kweller EP (the "I don't know"s in Obligatory, the "That's alright by me"s in I'll Call You and the spoken "He really wants a pool pass" in Pool Pass. And there might be some video from some of the Bear-B-Que's if I dug around, but pretty that was also originals of theirs.