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in this topic Readhard posts his even dumber songs

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  • in this topic Readhard posts his even dumber songs

    I wrote this song this summer it's called "echo" and it's about echos!

    I've taken the sophisticated artist name René Zansman, because that makes me sound like a classy Austrian Singer/songwriter

    I also played bass and sang in this band, so check it out if you haven't heard it!

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    I tried out that rap genre thing!


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      You are Wesley Willis.


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        Originally posted by RadicalPlatypus View Post
        You are Wesley Willis.
        awesome, thanks!


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          I always thought Soundcloud was sort of embarrassing so I wrote an embarrassing song and I made a Soundcloud account, and posted the song on there!


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            there is nothing here. the worst part is that that you are old now.


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              Imagine how it's gonna be when I am like 80 or so!


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                I uploaded some more!

                here's a song in Norwegian since that might be exotic! I play the piano nicely in this one! I'm very scared of it becoming a huge hit, which of course is a very irrational fear.


                Here's a song I recorded this summer, and it's about me being a narcissist and how we all go through the world all alone!


                Did the Hextalls ever write anything like:

                You better find a solution
                when push comes to shove
                should you jump to conclusion
                or should you fall in love?


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                  So it's been a year since the An evening with the Moptops ep was released on bandcamp! I think everyone, in this occasion, should challenge their ears and endure listening to it! The Moptop family is the greatest family in the world!

                  Also, I'm gonna write a Moptop xmas song this year! It'll rule!



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                    I both made a Xmas song and a 50's Doo wop song!



                    I think they're the best I did!


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                      I made some Pop punk songs!


                      This might be my best work till now!


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                        Me and a friend did a song for last month's songwriting game! It's called "Ignorance is Jizz" and I played guitar and the bass intro.


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                          I added a folk song in Norwegian that I wrote. I played a Mandolin on it that was my great grandfather's, so I probably ruined that legacy, but I thought the melody was nice.


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                            So today has sort of sucked, I found out I missed a lecture and a few weeks ago my computer crashed and today I tried to record a song using the same equiptment on my crappy laptop, but it didn't work, so I recorded the song and it went great, but since it's a crappy laptop it sounded terrible, so I switched to this one and took a great take again and messed it up. And I was so pissed, I ended up with this take, that was sort of sloppy, but it still describes the way I feel today. Oh well.



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                              I have an Alt/punk band ive been trying to get people to check out





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                                Put out a new song


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