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Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7" + The Basement Benders 7" now ON SALE

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  • Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7" + The Basement Benders 7" now ON SALE

    Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7"
    Two of my favourite bands come together on this amazing split.
    Martha are probably the best English pop band of the last 10 years, everything they touch turns to gold.
    After last years perfect debut LP 'Courting Strong', here are two brand new songs, 'The Historian' and an amazing Masshysteri cover of 'Dom Kan Inte Höra Musiken'. Currently writing their 2nd LP, world domination awaits.
    Benny The Jet Rodriguez from San Pedro follow up their debut LP Home. Run on Recess Records with these new killer songs. I read somewhere that Benny the Jet Rodriguez find a balance between the simple and the complex, between yesterday and today. Lo-fi pop genius, can't get enough of this band.
    First 100 on Blue.
    Comes with download card and also an instant download of the mp3s.

    Stream HERE

    Buy the 7" HERE

    The Basement Benders - ST 7" EP
    ****Co-release with Dead Broke Rekerds*****

    Tons of bands that I fall in love with seem to either be from or have a link to Chattanooga. I have no idea what they put in the water (Beer) there, but I want some.
    The Basement Benders are no exception, fresh from a short European tour and have already written their debut LP. Featuring members of Future Virgins/ This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb/ Hidden Spots/ Dark Rides/ Tulsa/ Stun Guns/ Black Rainbow/ Cleveland Bound Death Sentence/ Sexy.
    It's hard to define what kind of genre they fit into, i dunno, but i do know that all the songs have a soul, an optimism and each tell a story. Obviously they rule too. A band to fall in love with.
    Comes with download card and instant mp3s download on purchase.

    Stream HERE

    Buy The 7" HERE

    Loads of records in the pipeline, Marvelous Mark - Bite Me 7" and The Fur Coats - Short Brain 7" out at the end of the month. Wonk Unit - Feel The Wonkness LP now at the plant.

    Loads of new stuff in the distro, Joyride, Parasol, Nervous Talk, Big Dick, Der Faden, Feral Trash, Brat Farrar, Rats Rest...loads more, check it out.

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    BASEMENT BENDERS 7" EP Available in U.S. from: !!!


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      Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7"repressed on Yellow Vinyl and now in the store, Thanks!