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Turkish Techno - Number Two LP

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  • Turkish Techno - Number Two LP

    I guess this is technically a preorder??? Not out until the end of January, but they arrived early, so direct orders are shipping now.

    Turkish Techno - Number Two LP

    Riverside, CA’s most notorious slacker punks are back with their second LP! And, honestly, the fact that this it took 5 years lapsed between records isn’t really as much of a surprise as it is a running joke among their friends and fans. In fact, I’m pretty sure when Dirt Cult announced this on social media – in, uh, 2013?!! – replies such as “Coming in 2016” might have been met with repetitious “hahaha.” but, hey, here we are, releasing the new Turkish Techno LP in 2016! The great news is that on Number Two, Turkish Techno don’t even hint at a sophomore slump, releasing a batch of their most solid, self-deprecating pop punk sing-a-longs to date! 100 on poop brown vinyl and 400 on black.
    Stream here
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