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No Ditching/ Baby Ghosts 7", Downtown Boys - ST 7", Spokenest LP OUT NOW

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  • No Ditching/ Baby Ghosts 7", Downtown Boys - ST 7", Spokenest LP OUT NOW

    We have 3 brand new releases in the store, go grab them!
    No Ditching/ Baby Ghosts 7"
    No Ditching are a five piece band from the village of Pity Me, Durham. The band consists of Naomi on vocals and guitar, Freya on bass, Kate on drums, Elle playing an extra tom drum, and Laura on guitar.
    From Pity Me, Durham and featuring members of featuring members of Fashanu, Jazz in My Pants and Bear Park and of course Martha, ever since I heard their demo I was addicted.
    Raw, snotty punk, kinda Raincoats meet Les Calamites.
    Two brand new songs, world domination awaits.

    Coming off the back of their amazing LP 'Maybe Ghosts, Baby Ghosts are back with their first new song in a while. And what an absolute banger it is. Garage rock sounds tucked behind blaring punk goodness.
    Baby Ghosts blend of high-powered guitar, tight percussion and vocals that pop with snarling, dynamic energy is proof that punk can be impressively executed but still a total blast to listen to.
    First 100 on Purple Vinyl

    Streaming over at Noisey

    Spokenest - Gone, Gone, Gone LP
    “New 12 song, 30 minuted LP. 3 years in the making. Dissonance and melody. Superchunk and hardcore,” guitarist and co-vocalist Daryl Gussin explains. Joined by drummer Adrian Tenney, the pair formed out of God Equals Genocide to create some lo-fi brilliance.

    Arriving about three years after the release of their debut 12″ EP We Move, Gone, Gone, Gone is a jam-packed collection of swiftly delivered raucous-pretty hits, a sun-drenched living room window before & after being broken. The duo is comprised of drummer/vocalist Adrian Tenney (also of Badlands) and guitarist/vocalist Daryl Gussin, whose voices mesh sweetly & perfectly, layered over ferocious whirlwinds of guitar and drums. This one’s dying for you to play it loud and often.
    Angry, visceral and urgent. Essential.
    Streaming over at Punktastic

    Downtown Boys - ST 7" EP
    Originally released on Sister Polygon Records and re-released to coincide with the debut Downtown Boys 'European tour.
    Don't miss this truly whacked out party from Providence, Rhode Island's most dangerous political prisoners.
    Downtown Boys are: Victoria Ruiz (vocals) Joey DeFrancesco (guitar/vocals) Emmett Fitzgerald (tenor sax) William Cioffi (alto sax) Norlan Olivo (drums) Daniel Schleiffer(bass)

    "Sure, this will be a controversial superlative, but fuck it, I’m going out on a limb and declaring right now: Downtown Boys are currently the best active punk band in the United States.
    Providence, Rhode Island’s Downtown Boys may not be a household name, even in most punk houses, but they should be. The six-piece utilizes highly danceable manic punk blasts as a soapbox for their confrontational but heartfelt radical political screeds. The self-billed “bilingual political sax dance punk party” draws many influences together to create something that sounds familiar enough to pull you onto its frantic wavelength, but refreshing enough to keep you there. One might detect hints of The Fall, Bikini Kill, The Contortions, and The Ex, as much as the obvious comparison, X Ray Spex, who Downtown Boys share more in common with sonically than simply a saxophone and female singer."
    Dangerous Minds.

    All 3 records are up in the store. Bunch of new releases in the distro, new Mind Spiders LP, The Marked Men, Exploding Hearts, Divers, Bullnettle, the pretty awesome Macho Boys demo and loads more.
    Will have all the new Total Punk and Lumpy releases in soon

    Next Up, Broccoli - Home LP (reissue), Wonk Unit/ Raging Nathans 7", Dusk (members of Tenement) 7"