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Couldn't spot the old dream thread to bump.

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  • Couldn't spot the old dream thread to bump.

    Read Hard and I are typically the only people that ever posted in it anyway haha. This morning was particularly chilly compared to the last month or so. My body did that thing it mostly does in the Winter where it put particularly happy dreams in my head so I stay in my comfortable warm cocoon rather than getting up to walk the dog and get my day started. I was still at my same low paying dead end job. For the most part everything about the building's inside/what I do for a living was the same. Only difference was that we had a mail room and a guy who rolled around his little cart delivering stuff to everybody's offices and cubicles. In this reality the building was also closer to my one favorite fried chicken joint that's been closed for well over a decade. Here it was still open and thriving. I informed friends at work that I was making a run there during lunch break and taking orders/money from them. Then the mail guy rolled up, and it was BOOTSY FUCKING COLLINS! We proceeded to nerd out about various songs/albums he played bass on until my alarm went off a second time.

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    I had a dream within a dream where I was in a Rutles type of band and only wrote songs that parodied Beatles songs, it was a great dream.