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  • Originally posted by Larry Livermore View Post

    An extremely minor detail, granted, but I'm curious: did GPS route you through Manhattan, or in your experience is that faster than taking the BQE and going by way of Staten Island?
    Yeah it did. It's not so much that there was traffic, but stopping at lights and stuff adds more time than one might think.Going through BQE-->Staten Island-->Goethal's Bridge is a few miles extra, but in the grand scheme of things would probably save around 15 minutes. In the grand scheme of a 16 hour drive, they're all pretty much equal. Going home I really should have avoided Manhattan, but I really had to stop highway driving.


    • What other genre of punk rock would have a message board where within there is Disney World/Disneyland thread. What a bunch of needle-nosed rubber necked twinkle toes we are.

      Fuggin' A


      • Probably any one that's populated mostly by people with kids.
        Hell I've only ever gone to a Disney park once and have little intention of returning, but I keep checking in with this thread cuz it's pretty much the only one that gets updated with any sort of regularity.


        • Sigh...

          Remember when a D23 announcement of a new land at WDW would have turned into two weeks of frantic posting.

          (I'm sure the PPMB FB is alight with glee)

          Well, they just announced TWO! Toy Story and Star Wars will get their own places in DHS (under it's new name, still yet to be announced). Disneyland is also getting a similar Star Wars land to go with Cars Land already open.

          The concept art looks like they are taking the Cars Land stuff, applying some of the very best "wizarding" they have, and cranking it up to 11. Seriously, go look at the pictures. If you think this SW land wasn't in the works for a while now, and Disney just biding their time waiting to take a HUGE swing at Universal, you are nuts.

          They also confirmed Avatar Land to still be opening in 2017. So, I guess, Avatar in 2017, Toy Story Land (It looks way less involved -- a few flat rides and a small coaster) in 2018, and maybe Star Wars land in 2019? Can they possibly have all this done in 4 or maybe 5 years? I wonder if they will sneak an Epcot revamp in there for the 40th anniversary in 2022 too? WDW could be VASTLY different in a very short time.


          • Disney is really firing a huge salvo at Universal (and other Orlando area attractions) with this announcement.

            They are basically saying that, yes, we're going to make it impossible to dedicate any of your vacation to any other parks if you want to experience all WDW parks have to offer. Do you really want to spend a day at Sea World or Universal when you might not be able to experience everything at WDW?

            Both lands should be fantastic. Between the existing attractions, Toy Story and Star Wars Land and Pandora at Animal Kingdom and the finalization of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, a week doesn't even seem like it will be enough time to experience anything. DHS and Animal Kingdom are essentially going from half day or single day parks to multi day parks with these expansions (unless perhaps you want to run yourself ragged).

            After all the time given to revamping DHS, AK and new Fantasyland, it seems like Epcot would be next on the list for an overhaul. At least they are putting the new Soarin' Around the World movie in DL and WDW, so that's a nice upgrade right there. I feel like the World Showcase and special events like the Food and Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Festival are a good diverse niche draw to the park, and will be enough to hold it over until they can revamp some of the other pavilions (Captain EO, Journey Into Imagination, etc.) The old "seabase alpha" part of the living seas is pretty long in the tooth - some of the larger tanks don't have much sea life, etc. There's a lot that needs to be done in the front part of the park. Maybe they can add a country or two to the World Showcase as well.

            I'm already thinking about how to maximize DVC points in the upcoming years to be able to take in all the new things that are going to be offered. We were on a cruise last week, so I was totally out of the loop completely - news, sports, etc. Coming back and seeing the D23 announcements was extremely exciting.


            • Man, I totally forgot about Downtown Disney reimagination too!

              Lately I'm thinking Inside Out would be a GREAT and PERFECT way to finally redo Imagination and have it not suck. They could even keep Figment, and finally drop all of the other crap they've tried since ruining the original ride.

              The Energy pavilion, Captain EO, the Odyssey Pavilion, the nearly empty Innoventions buildings, the Wonders of Life remnants, and the aquarium all need major work. They could almost shut down nearly all of Future World for a year with everything they really need to do in the front of Epcot.

              Plus, I still really want them to add a few rides (gondolas in Italy, bullet train in Japan) and countries (Russia nd Brazil) to the World Showcase. You'd think with the World Cup last year, and the upcoming Olympic games, Brazil would be an easy sell right now. Russia might be a bit harder with Putin back to being an idiot.

              Imagine though if they did all that to Epcot with all the other changes they just announced. Basically you would need 3 days for AK and DHS, 2 for Epcot and 2 for MK at the absolute bare minimum, and you probably couldn't do anything but run to ride after ride. If you wanted a nice WDW "experience" type of vacation, with Disney Springs, and maybe some pool time with a day at a water park, and to just enjoy the Disney experience, you would have to add 3 more days. That's like 10 days minimum.


              • Yeah, it's definitely getting into territory where a week is not enough, so people will feel the need to return more often to see things. It's pretty insane, but super exciting.

                Inside Out in Epcot would be pretty great actually. One of the Innoventions was closed this year, I guess they are installing new exhibits. The kids actually had fun with the stuff that was in there a few years ago. Some kind of Oculus Rift/Microsoft Hololens VR thing would be cool for in there, but the technology might not be mature enough yet.

                Totally forgot about the energy pavilion because we always skip Ellen's Energy Adventure. That hasn't been refreshed in 19 years! Ouch.
                The Odyssey restaurant hasn't been open for regular service since 1994, and it just looks like an abandoned eyesore. Re-purpose it for something or remove it.

                The original EPCOT model seemed pretty reliant on corporate sponsors for the attractions, which has been to the detriment of the park, IMO. Maybe with the theme parks division doing so well, they can put some money into EPCOT without the sponsorship model. It would be great to see Wonders of Life return (Body Wars was an OK motion simulator, but Cranium Command was super awesome), and stuff like the Energy Pavllion without an ExxonMobil sponsorship in place to guide the type of content in there. How about an Energy Pavllion totally powered by green energy? Probably couldn't happen with ExxonMobil in place but those are the kinds of things I'd like to see.


                • Going down at the end of June. Another road trip.

                  I know the board is dead now, but I felt compelled to come back to this thread.


                  • Stand By Me should really have ended with the kids finding the dead body and Little Richard Dreyfuss kneeling down by it and whispering "I'm going to Disney World." and no confrontation, just credits.
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                    • we went in January and split a week between WDW and Universal. our 3rd trip on our annual passes, which really made getting them worthwhile. we headed to Universal when they expired since we decided not to renew. with all the construction going on, newly tiered pricing, mymagicplus in general, and recent crowd levels, we decided to scale back our disney trips for a while. maybe until the big 50th anniversary when i assume a lot of the new stuff will be up and running.


                      • I like FP+. Crowd levels are getting crazy though, and raising prices doesn't seem to have any impact whatsoever. It's insane. But with all the money coming in, it seems like they are making cuts all over the place.


                        • Comment

                          • i like some parts of FP+. i like that i don't have to rush to toy story mania right after rope drop to get a fast pass for that ride. i like being able to switch FPs from my phone at any location. but i don't like the tier system, the 3-ride limit, the single park limit, and the complete elimination of the paper fastpass system. on slow(ish) days, i liked being able to walk by a ride, see a slightly long wait, and grab a FB for not much later. i miss that.

                            the cuts are getting very weird/bad. they made cuts to the citizens of hollywood, which really bums me out. and now there's that rumor that they're going to retheme tower of terror.


                            • It's kind of sad that this thread hasn't been posted in in over a year (but I guess that's true for most of the board). It's less than 60 days till our trip this year. Made my FP+ reservations on Friday morning. 3rd year in a row driving down. I try to explain to my kids that they are spoiled as hell (this is our 5th trip to Disney in as many years), but I don't think they quite understand.


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